Campbell, Don

| 2005

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"Scoop" is NOT a novel about a famous movie star having an illicit affair -- or a stalker stalking a famous person. Instead, it's a simple story (stories) about simple people that could occur right in your home town -- all told in interesting newspaper style by a reporter whose nickname is "Scoop." One news story is about an animal psychologist who can read the minds of pets. As she addresses a small crowd of her believers, and their children, she suddenly looks across the fence and says to her audience -- "You know what that pony over there is thinking now? He's thinking 'I'd like it if some of you kids would come over and play with me.'" This and other interesting stories are superbly blended into a sometimes, but not always, fictionalized novel, ending with an exciting finale about an encounter and interview with two aliens from a nearby planet.

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