Mina, Denise

| 2002

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Denise Mina?s first stand-alone novel following her acclaimed GARNETHILL trilogy, SANCTUM is a powerful portrait of the terrifying journeys people are prepared to make in order to survive. Lachlan Harriot?s wife has been convicted of the murder of serial killer Andrew Gow, a prisoner in her care. Unless Harriot can come up with grounds for an appeal, Susie will be given a life sentence, depriving her of her home, her family and her two-year-old daughter. Harriot is convinced that Susie, a respected forensic psychiatrist, is innocent, and each night he climbs the stairs to her study where he goes through her papers, laboriously transcribing onto his computer her case notes, her interviews with Gow and his new wife Donna, and the press cuttings from the trial. But his search for the truth soon raises more questions than it answers? "Genuinely gripping novel, written in diary...

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Mats Sigfridsson



Bra, vlskrivet och spnnande som vanligt med Denise Mina. Stark 3:a