Robin Pilcher Omnibus

Pilcher, Robin

| 2004

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AN OCEAN APART When his wife dies of cancer, David's life falls apart. Unable to pick up the pieces, he withdraws from his children, his parents and his work, devoting all his efforts to restore a garden, cultivating an order and beauty he is denied elsewhere. Forced into a business trip to America, he hits rock bottom and then, through his friendship with an unhappy young boy, finds the strength to recover and regain a longing for home. STARTING OVER When Liz Dewhurst's marriage ends, it means their farm has to be split up. Gregor wants to sell it to an American-financed consortium who want to turn it into a golf course, but the farm is part of her family's history. Gregor has a new love, but Liz is alone - until her son suggests getting a lodger to help pay the bills and Liz meets his son...

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