Rex Draconis: War of the Dragon Moon

Knaak, Richard A

| 2022

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WAR OF THE DRAGON MOON Despite attempts by the wizard Amble and others to prevent bloody conflict, the minotaur empire and the allied kingdoms collide, with neither side truly aware that they are puppets in a struggle between gods and other forces seeking the Spider Ash. An artifact said to be the only thing capable of slaying the King of Dragons --- a legendary creature so powerful that even the gods must kneel to him --- the Spider Ash may also be the one weapon that can prevent the world of Tiberos from falling into horrific ruin. But with the necromancer Anam Feirge and the wheyr leader Scaril on the verge of summoning Gnarfang, god of Chaos, to the world and the minotaur ruler under the sway of the dark goddess, Parani, Amble and his comrades must turn to the most unlikely of allies if they are to stave off the annihilation of countless lives...Kemontillus, the savage...

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