Return of the Crimson Guard

Esslemont, Ian C

| 2008

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The return of the mercenary company the Crimson Guard could not have come at a worse time for the Malazan Empire. Drained by constant warfare, betrayals and rivalries, many see the grip of Empress Laseen weakening. Conquered kingdoms and principalities test their old independence. Into this fermenting civil war on Quon Tali - the Empire's homeland - comes the Guard, and the ingrained memory of their vow of undying opposition to the existence of the Empire. Yet rivalries and betrayals plague the Guard as well - elements of its elite, the Avowed, scheme to open paths to even greater power. Ancient, powerful entities, Ascendants, also seek to exploit all sides to further their own arcane ends.Meanwhile, a swordsman called Traveller, and his companion Ereko, move from one strange encounter to another on a mysterious path that will lead the swordsman to a confrontation from which none have ever...

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