R.U.R. Or, Rossum's Universal Robots

Capek, Karel

| 2024

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R.U.R., or Rossum's Universal Robots, is a play written in 1920 by Karel Čapek, a Czech writer who authored many plays and novels, many with science-fiction and dystopian themes. R.U.R. is perhaps the best known of these works because it brought the word robot into the English language. Robot is derived from the Czech word meaning "worker."The play is set in the island headquarters of the R.U.R. corporation. The corporation has been manufacturing artificial beings that resemble humans but are tireless workers. They can be mass-produced in large numbers and are being adopted as laborers in many countries. In the play's first scene, they are visited by a young woman, Helena Glory, who aspires to relieve the lot of the robots, whom she sees as oppressed. However, in what must be the fastest seduction scene in all of drama, she is wooed by and agrees to marry Harry...

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