Père Ubu's Illustrated Almanac: January/February/March 1899

Jarry, Alfred

| 2019

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First published in 1899, P re Ubu's Almanac is Alfred Jarry's answer to the annually published almanac, a format which provided ordinary people with the forecasts that helped them tend their crops, fish their waters & mark their religious holidays. Offering a unique and irreverent insight into the cultural and political landscape of Paris on the cusp of the 20th century, Ubu's Almanac was created by Jarry in 1898 along with some friends, artistic contemporaries and colleagues at the Mercure de France, including Claude Terrasse, Pierre Bonnard (who created the illustrations), Rachilde, Pierre Quillard, Andr -Ferdinand H rold & Marcel Colli re. It's a multidimensional collage of found text, in-jokes, puns and contemporary cultural references, written at the height of the political scandal that would come to be known as the Dreyfus Affair. This, the 1st accessible English translation, mimics...

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