Plays of Aristophanes


| 2021

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The Plays of Aristophanes (425 BC-388 BC) is a collection of comedies by Athenian playwright Aristophanes. Noted for his exploration of fantasy, sexuality, and contemporary politics, Aristophanes was a leading figure in Old Attic Comedy whose award-winning plays continue to delight and inspire nearly 2,500 years after they were first performed. This collection includes some of his best-known work, showcasing his talent as an unmatched humorist and shrewd social commentator whose words drew ire from Athenian general Cleon, Socrates, and Plato. In The Clouds, an indebted Athenian aristocrat enters a philosophical school despite his advanced age in order to sharpen his argumentative skills. There, he learns the recent teachings of Socrates and gets a chance to meet the legendary figure himself. Despite his earnest desire for enlightenment, Strepsiades proves shockingly inept and is forced to...

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