Personal Matter

From the Nobel Prizewinning author: ';One of the great short novels of the 20th century' (The Wall Street Journal). Internationally acclaimed as one of the world's most influential writers, Kenzaburo Oe brings to the fore the post-WWII rage and anxiety of a decorous society in this ';deathly black comedy... dripping with nuclear terror' (The Japan Times). Bird is an antisocial twenty-seven-year-old intellectual hanging on to a failing marriage with whiskey. He dreams of going to Africa where the sky sprawls with possibilities. Then, as though walloped by a massive invisible fist, Bird's Utopian fantasies are shattered when his wife gives birth to what he calls their ';monster baby.' Now, Bird is left with one question: How can he and his wife spend the rest of their lives with this damaged thing clinging to their backs? As shameful, disgraceful, and unthinkable a desire as it is, Bird has...

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