Pakistan on the Brink: The Future of America, Pakistan and Afghanistan

Rashid, Ahmed

| 2012

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What are the possibilities and hazards facing America as it withdraws from Afghanistan and reviews its long engagement in Pakistan? Where is the Taliban now in both of these countries? What does the immediate future hold, and what are America s choices going forward? These are some of the crucial questions that Ahmed Rashid Pakistan s preeminent journalist takes on in this follow-up to his acclaimed "Descent into Chaos." The escalation of the war in Afghanistan has deepened a long-standing crisis in its neighbor to the east. Pakistan s political and military leadership has exhibited neither the courage nor the will to carry out major reforms in the country s foreign and economic policies. The Pakistani state still fosters many extremist jihadi fighters, even as the Pakistani Taliban directly threaten that very state. Social services are near collapse, law enforcement is abysmal, economic...

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