Pagan Spain

Wright, Richard

| 2002

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A masterful chronicler of the African American experience, Richard Wright (1908-1960) was one of the most controversial and insightful writers America has produced. In 1957 the publication of "Pagan Spain," marked a profound change in his literary and intellectual life and reflected a style more suitable for polemic than for travel writing. Indeed, as "Pagan Spain" portrays midcentury Spain as a country of tragic beauty, political oppression, and contradictions, Wright amalgamates at once polemic, travel narrative, history, and journalistic essay. He combines, as well, first-person narrative, eyewitness reporting, commentary, anecdotes, vignettes, and dramatic monologue. At the time this book was originally published, the Spanish, despite a strong Catholic heritage, were shown as embracing a primitive and primeval faith. Expanding his comments on this paradox, Wright fashions a candid...

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