Outgrowing God: A Beginner's Guide

Dawkins, Richard

| 2019

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Should we believe in God? In this brisk introduction to modern atheism, one of the world's greatest science writers tells us why we shouldn't.Richard Dawkins was fifteen when he stopped believing in God.Deeply impressed by the beauty and complexity of living things, he'd felt certain they must have had a designer. Learning about evolution changed his mind. Now one of the world's best and bestselling science communicators, Dawkins has given readers, young and old, the same opportunity to rethink the big questions.In twelve fiercely funny, mind-expanding chapters, Dawkins explains how the natural world arose without a designer-the improbability and beauty of the "bottom-up programming" that engineers an embryo or a flock of starlings-and challenges head-on some of the most basic assumptions made by the world's religions: Do you believe in God? Which one? Is the Bible a "Good Book"? Is adhering...

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Ayman Fares



Välskriven och mycked pedagogiskt skriven. Avhandlar grundläggande frågor såsom vem som bär på bevisbördan, synen på kunskap och evidens, evolutionens produktivitet, hur vet vi vad som är sant... mm.