One Small Boat: The Story of a Little Girl, Lost Then Found

Harrison, Kathy

| 2006

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This story of one little girl's journey through our foster-care system forms an intimate portrait of foster care in America and the children whose lives are forever shaped by it. Augusten Burroughs called Kathy Harrison's memoir "Another Place at the Table" a "riveting and profoundly moving story of a hero, disguised as an everyday woman." In "One Small Boat," Harrison tells the story of one little girl who arrived on her doorstep, and describes how caring for this child was an experience that challenged everything she thought she knew about foster-care parenting and the needs of the children she shelters. Daisy was five when she arrived in Harrison's bustling home. Mother of three children by birth and three by adoption, and with a handful of foster kids always coming and going, Harrison had ten children under her roof at any given time. But Daisy was in many ways unique. Daisy's birth...

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