Oedipus Revisited

Over fifty years ago, Alfred Kinsey shook the world with his report, Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male. Now distinguished researcher and social iconoclast Shere Hite rocks it further still with a wide-ranging and uninhibited scrutiny of men today. Drawing upon evidence derived from over 7,000 interviews, Hite overturns traditional psychiatric notions of the Oedipus myth to reveal how society demands not only that the growing boy be separated from his mother but that he aggressively rejects and ridicules her as well. She then goes on to reveal how the pain of this sharp revision is then replayed in violence and discrimination against women and in men's attempts to find solace in pornographic imagery and adulterous relationships. In Oedipus Revisited Hite confronts head-on everything from homosexuality to clitoral stimulation, masturbation to global capitalism, religious fundamentalism to...

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