No one to trust

Johansen, Iris

| 2002

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In the heart of Columbia the US DEA and Columbian drug barons have for years been engaged in a war with no rules...Rico Chavez is the most terrifying of killers: ruthless, cunning, charismatic. A man who always gets what he wants. And what he wants now is Elena Kyler. He wants her alive long enough to see him destroy every reason she has for living. He wants her to turn against everything and everyone she ever believed in. And then he wants her to commit the ultimate act of betrayal. But Elena herself is an assassin trained my the military, and a loner. Now she finds herself on the run from one dangerous man and turning to another for help. New York Times No 1 bestselling author, Iris Johansen, raises the stakes and the heart rate in her new thriller that follows the harrowing trail of a ruthless killer - and the woman determined to hunt him down.

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