My Parents: An Introduction / This Does Not Belong to You

Two magnificent memoirs by Aleksandar Hemon, presented together in a glorious single edition: together they make a major work from one of our major writers. In My Parents, Aleksandar Hemon tells the story of his parents? immigration to Canada ? of the lives that were upended by the war in Bosnia and siege of Sarajevo, and the new lives his parents were forced to build. He portrays both the perfect, intimate details (his mother?s lonely upbringing, his father?s fanatical beekeeping) and a sweeping, heartbreaking history of his native country. It is a story full of many Hemons, of course ? his parents, sister, uncles, cousins ? and also of German occupying forces, Yugoslav partisans, royalist Serb collaborators, singing Ukrainians, and a few befuddled Canadians. My Parents is grounded in stories lovingly polished by retelling, but made thrilling and fresh in writing, summoning...

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