Mr. Vogel

Jones, Lloyd

| 2004

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A lonely man lives on a hill. He has a strange name - Mr Vogel - and a peculiar habit: when he parks his battered invalid-car at night he leaves the lights on so that people will knock on his door. One day Mr Vogel enters a surreal competition and his life changes forever: he wins a fortune, a croft and a great house. Mr Vogel also wins a pagoda. Our bedraggled hero sets off on a fairytale quest which takes him on an epic walk around Wales; he also embarks on a journey back in time, through his own childhood and through the history and literature of his motherland. Mr Vogel is a story of one man's dream: of freedom, love, and friendship; it's also about walking, addiction, fate, history, minorities, myths, disability and teddy-bears. Innovative, compelling and warm-hearted, Mr Vogel happily eludes classification: it is at once a novel, an anthology and a memoir: above all, it is a rumination...

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