Morning, Paramin


| 2016

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A vibrant meditation on the difficult beauty of the Caribbean, taking the form of a dialogue between a Nobel Prize winning poet and a renowned figurative painter"Morning," " Paramin "offers us a stunning collaboration between a Nobel Prize winning poet, Derek Walcott, and a renowned figurative painter, Peter Doig. It journeys through the physical and psychological landscapes of two lives, from the snowy landscapes of Edmonton to the sun-washed shores of the Caribbean, from the process of mourning a loved one to the experience of watching a film. Taking the form of a call-and-response, with paintings on one side and poetry on the other, "Morning Paramin "lets Walcott s characteristic perception and wit shine through in his illuminating responses to Doig s luminescent paintings. Both poems and paintings are triumphant celebrations of life s pleasures and pains loving, observing, aging.Walcott,...

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