Mile high club

Friedman, Kinky

| 2000

Flag from en


'If there's one thing I hate,' I said to the beautiful woman on the airplane, 'it's meeting a beautiful woman on an airplane.' However, when the beautiful woman in question suddenly disappears into thin air and Kinky is left holding her hot-pink imitation-leather suitcase it seems as if he is destined to meet the alluring Khadija Kejela again. Their fateful encounter leads to a trail of Arab terrorists, State Department officials and Israeli spys fighting their way through Kinky's Vandam Street loft in order to retrieve a cache of missing passports from the little pink suitcase. One corpse, a lot of cat shit, a pickled finger, several shots of Jamesons and countless cigars later the mystery is solved - but not before Kinky discovers a nasty thing or two about his comely travelling companion.

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