Saroyan, William

| 2016

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Once upon a time there was only one word -- me. If you wanted to say here I am, you said -- me. It was the only word anyone ever heard But only people said me. Dogs said bark, bark, take me to the park; cats said purr, purr, I am the Queen be kind to her; cows said moo, moo, I am a cow, what are you? But slowly, change came, and in his first children's book, Pulitzer Prize-winning dramatist William Saroyan spins a fanciful fable that speculates on how members of the human race actually started talking to each other. Recounted with catchy rhymes and a spirited simplicity, this story is illustrated with lively pictures that glow with the warmth of watercolors. An internationally renowned writer, playwright, and humanitarian, William Saroyan wrote short stories, plays, novels, memoirs, and essays. His tale of Me is illustrated by Murray Tinkelman, whose art has appeared in Atlantic...

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