Me and mr Darcy

Potter, Alexandra

| 2007

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He's every woman's fantasy!" After a string of nightmare relationships, Emily Albright has decided she's had it with modern-day men. She'd rather pour herself a glass of wine, curl up with Pride and Prejudice" and step into a time where men were dashing, devoted and honourable, strode across fields in breeches, their damp shirts clinging to their chests, and weren't" into internet porn. So when her best friend invites her to Mexico for a week of margaritas and men, Emily decides to book a guided tour of Jane Austen country instead. She quickly realises she won't find her dream man here. The coach tour is full of pensioners, apart from one Mr Spike Hargreaves, a foul-tempered journalist sent to write a piece on why Mr Darcy's been voted the man most women would love to date! Until she walks into a room and finds herself face-to-face with Darcy himself. And every woman's fantasy suddenly becomes...

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Maria Jönsson



Är som ett filmmanus vilket inte bara är positivt.

Anna Lindström



Kan inte låta bli att läsa när Mr Darcy finns i titeln :) Charmigare och roligare än vad jag trodde. Mysig underhållning för stunden.

Johanna P



Lätt att läsa, spännande, rolig och bra språk. Rekommenderas!