Wilder, Thornton

| 1958

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Farce / Casting: 9m, 7f / Interior Scenery A certain old merchant of Yonkers is so rich in 1800 that he decides to take a wife. He employs a matchmaker a woman who subsequently becomes involved with two of his menial clerks, assorted young and lovely ladies, and the headwaiter at an expensive restaurant where this swift farce runs headlong into a hilarious complications. After everyone gets straightened out romantically and has his heart's desire, the merchant finds himself affianced to the astute matchmaker herself. He who was so shrewd in business is putty in the hands of Dolly Levi. He is fooled by apprentices in a series of hilarious hide and seek scenes, and finally has all his bluster explode in his face. "Loud, slap dash and uproarious ...extraordinarily original and funny." - The New York Times "Rolls along merrily and madly and the customers are convulsed." - N.Y. Journal American....

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