M / F

Burgess, Anthony

| 2016

Flag from en


"The situation as far as I'm concerned," says the young narrator-hero of M/F, "is an interesting one. In two days in a strange country I've acquired a mother in the form of a Welsh-speaking Bird Queen who scares me. I've spent some hours in prison, I've discovered the works of an unknown superlative artist in a garden shed and I've been shot at by a riddling lion-faced expert on Bishop Berkeley. Most interesting of all I'm due tonight to be married by a circus clown to my own sister." Almost 21, a college throw-out, Miles Faber embarks on a defiant pilgrimage across the Caribbean. His destination: the shrine of Sib Legeru, Castitian poet and painter. In the streets of Castita's capital, gay with a religious festival, a series of bizarre revelations awaits him--his own double (the foul-mouthed son of a circus sorceress) and a plump sister he had never met before. Unspeakable crimes of...

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