Loveless, Volume 1

Kouga, Yun

| 2006

Flag from en


Ritsuka Aoyagi is a sixth grader, transferring to a new school. Years ago his brother Seimei was murdered. Upon transferring in, he is branded as peculiar - he shows up without his parents, and is aloof toward the other students. Yuiko, an outcast in her own right, befriends him, much to his dismay. Soubi, a Fighter Unit, arrives to meet Aoyagi. Soubi knew Seimei, and Aoyagi lets his guard down momentarily. Midori and his Fighter Unit Ai come with orders to abduct Aoyagi, but are powerless against Soubi. Aoyagi, who seems to be suffering from memory loss as well as personality disorder, wants to reclaim his identity as "Ritsuka." Aoyagi discovers a mysterious last message left from Seimei in which he reveals the identity of his murderer(s) as The Seventh Moon, and that his true name is Loveless. Midori and Ai again try to abduct Aoyagi, but are thwarted once again by Soubi. Aoyagi is confused...

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