Love Hina

Akamatsu, Ken

| 2003

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After their last great adventure, the gang heads back to Hinata House to greet Grandma Hinata on her arrival. Granny, however, forgot and is currently traipsing around the Himalayas. Meanwhile, on the Tokyo U campus, Naru finally declares her true feelings for Keitaro and the couple retire to a hotel to consummate their relationship. As one might suspect, there are complications, not the least of which being Nyamo, who has a letter for Keitaro. Naru fears that it is a love letter, but it turns out to be something potentially more devastating - a job offer to become an archeologist for Tokyo U. She's torn about what to do, but finally gives him the note and decides not to stand in his way. Keitaro is overjoyed by the prospect, but can't bear the thought of being without Naru. Just when things seem to be about to work out for our couple, enter Grandma Hinata, who attempts to announce the identity...

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