Love and Rockets: New Stories No. 5

How do you follow up a one-two punch like Jaime Hernandez 's stunning two-part masterpiece The Love Bunglers from LRNS #3 and #4, which sent Maggie and Ray 's relationship in a startling new direction, as well as providing some mind-blowing revelations about Maggie 's (and her family s) past? If you re Jaime, you deftly move sideways and switch focus to other characters, specifically Ray 's ex, the rambunctious Frogmouth. In Crime Raiders International Mobsters and Executioners, Mu eca, the Frogmouth 's half-sister, comes to visit for a weekend and sees what kind of life the Frog Princess is living with Reno and Borneo as well as a brand new character or two. On the other-brother side, Gilbert Hernandez celebrates the 30th anniversary by bringing one of his current characters ( Killer, granddaughter to the legendary Luba) into the Palomar milieu in a story that showcases a fictionalized movie...

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