Lord of the North Wind

Burton, Tim

| 2018

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**This book can be read as a standalone novel.**A king who has forsaken passion for reason--and the widow who tempts him.Aldfrith never wanted to be king. The bastard son of King Oswiu of Northumbria, he lives as a scholar upon the remote island of Iona. But his life changes forever the day he discovers his half-brother is dead. Aldfrith is next in line for the throne. Back at the royal fort of Bebbanburg, he begins his new life as ruler of Northumbria. And that includes wedding a suitable queen.Osana, the wife of one of Aldfrith's ealdormen, meets the new king at his wedding. Unhappily married, she fights her instant attraction to him. Likewise, Aldfrith is disarmed by Osana's warmth and directness--so unlike his cold bride. A union between Aldfrith and Osana is impossible ... yet fate has much in store for them both. When Aldfrith's marriage fails two years later,...

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