Roussel, Raymond

| 1984

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Based, like the earlier "Impressions of Africa", on uniquely eccentric principles of composition, this book invites the reader to enter a world which in its innocense and extravagence is unlike anything in the literature of the twentieth century.Cantarel, a scholarly scientist, whose enourmous wealth imposes no limits upon his prolific ingenuity is taking a group of visitors on a tour of "Locus Solus", his secluded estate near Paris. One by one he introduces, demonstrates and expounds the discoveries and inventions of his fertile, encyclopaedic mind: An African mud-sculpture representing a naked child; a road-mender's tool which, when activated by the weather, creates a mosaic of human teeth; a vast aquarium in which human's can breathe and in which a depilated cat is seen stimulating the partially decomposed head of Danton to fresh flights of oratory. By each item in Cantarel's exhibition...

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