Life Without a Recipe

Abu-jaber, Diana

| 2017

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On one side, there is Grace: prize-winning author Diana Abu-Jaber?s tough, independent sugar-fiend of a German grandmother, wielding a suitcase full of holiday cookies. On the other, Bud: a flamboyant, spice-obsessed Arab father, full of passionate argument. The two could not agree on anything: not about food, work, or especially about what Diana should do with her life. Grace warned her away from children. Bud wanted her married above all?even if he had to provide the ring. Caught between cultures and lavished with contradictory ?advice? from both sides of her family, Diana spent years learning how to ignore others? well-intentioned prescriptions. Hilarious, gorgeously written, poignant, and wise, Life Without a Recipe is Diana?s celebration of journeying without a map, of learning to ignore the script and improvise, of escaping family and making family on one?s own terms. As Diana...

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