A major literary sensation is back with a quietly stunning tour de force about the redemptive power of love.While The Lake shows off many of the features that have made Banana Yoshimoto famousa cast of vivid and quirky characters, simple yet nuanced prose, a tight plot with an upbeat paceit's also one of the most darkly mysterious books she's ever written.It tells the tale of a young woman who moves to Tokyo after the death of her mother, hoping to get over her grief and start a career as a graphic artist. She finds herself spending too much time staring out her window, though ... until she realizes she's gotten used to seeing a young man across the street staring out his window, too.They eventually embark on a hesitant romance, until she learns that he has been the victim of some form of childhood trauma. Visiting two of his friends who live a monastic life beside a beautiful lake, she begins...

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