Ines of my soul

Allende, Isabel

| 2006

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A real historical figure, Ines Suarez came to Chile with the Conquista dors in 1540, helping to claim the territory for Spain and to found th e first Spanish settlement in Santiago. In this remarkable novel, Isab el Allende - one of the world's most spellbinding storytellers - re-im agines Ines's life and that of the two men who become her lover and hu sband respectively.Based on actual historical events, 'Ines' evokes th e conflict and drama of the Conquistadors' arrival in Chile, as well a s helping restore the reputation of Ines, a powerful woman long neglec ted by history and a patriarchal society. It also finds Allende return ing to territory beloved of her and her readers - imaginative historic al fiction, evocatively told - and to the familiar landscape of her na tive country.The novel gives Ines the recognition and glory that are r ightfully hers; but more than that it is an epic...

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Lite för mycket beskrivningar för min smak men historiskt intressant.