In Defence of Global Capitalism

Norberg, Johan

| 2005

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Here's the special 'India edition' of Johan Norberg's widely acclaimed book: ""In Defence of Global Capitalism"". In this book, Norberg shows clearly and concisely how capitalism promotes the rapid spread of economic opportunities and personal freedom. Once a self-proclaimed anarchist and now a passionate crusader for globalisation, the author presents compelling evidence that because of eased trade restrictions, dramatic transformations are already under way in scores of nations. ""In Defence of Global Capitalism"" is the first book to rebut, systematically and thoroughly, the claims of the anti-globalisation movement. Backed by an abundance of solid facts, statistics, and flesh-and-blood examples drawn from his travels in Asia and Africa, Norberg asserts that the diffusion of capitalism in recent decades has created opportunities every-where. Living standards and life expectancy have risen...

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