Identity Crisis

Campbell, Scott

| 2000

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Two sets of twins, one of each set dead — and how many ghosts? This comic thriller follows Adrienne Simpson across Wales, England, and America as she goes from tourist to murder witness to adulteress, and her identity is usurped by ... the murder victim? Author Biography: Scott Campbell has degrees in Film from NYU and Creative Writing from UC Davis. While living in New York, he developed sitcom premises for Martin Bregman Productions and his screenplay I Kill Monsters for Paramount Pictures. His story collection, The Psycho of Happiness, was published last year by Petal Press in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he lived for a number of years. The book is available from While in the Bay Area, Scott wrote a sitcom pilot for Fogbank Productions, produced his one-act play "Dean & Daisy" for stage and radio, and worked regularly as a theatre actor. Scott now lives in Seattle,...

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