I, Lucifer

Peter O'Donnell

| 2004

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* THE THIRD NOVEL IN THE BESTSELLING MODESTY BLAISE SERIES * 'The finest escapist thrillers ever written' THE TIMES 'Before Buffy, before Charlie's Angels, before Purdy and Emma Peel, there was Modesty Blaise' OBSERVER Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin are in Paris. Modesty is being wined and dined by Ren Vaubois, head of the French Intelligence Service, on a floating restaurant on the Seine. Ren asks Modesty for advice regarding a new protection racket. High-level people worldwide are receiving death threats, and those who don't pay end up dead. By what means are the victims being killed? How is the ransom money being collected without trace? Then Modesty's friend, Steve Collier, the renowned psychic researcher, is kidnapped. Modesty and her faithful lieutenant, Willie Garvin, must travel to a remote island stronghold to solve the mystery and save their friend.

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