Hyper-Socialised: How Teachers Enact the Geography Curriculum in Late Capitalism

Mitchell, David

| 2019

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Hyper-socialised explores the challenges of late capitalist times for education systems, schools and teachers. It looks at how trends of accountability, 'teaching to the test', using pupil voice and reliance on network technologies are all connected to powerful social and economic forces, shaping the curriculum as it is taught in classrooms. Such forces threaten to overwhelm teachers but, in the right hands, they can also be harnessed to create, influence and teach a truly powerful curriculum for their students.Presenting a historical view of curriculum change, the book examines how society, curriculum and teachers are linked. Using geography as an illustrative subject, the chapters investigate what influences teachers, to what extent they are in control of the curriculum, and what else is shaping it. Divided into two parts, it offersAn in-depth exploration of the relationship...

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