Heretic, the sequel to Harlequin and Vagabond, is the third instalment in Bernard Cornwell's Grail Quest series. When the English capture Calais, the war with France is suspended by a truce. But for Thomas of Hookton, there is no end to the fighting. He still has to pursue the grail, the most sacred of Christendom's relics. He is sent to his ancestral homeland, Gascony, to engineer a confrontation with his deadliest enemy: his cousin, Guy Vexille. Once in the south country, Thomas and his men capture a castle. He becomes a raider, leading his archers in savage forays intended to draw his enemy to his arrows. But when he releases a girl condemned to burn as a heretic, his campaign is attacked by the church and Thomas himself becomes the hunted. Thomas goes to the valley of Astarac, still dominated by the ruins of his family's castle, where he believes that the grail may still...

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