Hannibal Fogg and the Supreme Secret of Man

Shah, Tahir

| 2018

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Through a life cloaked in mystery, Edwardian polymath Hannibal G. Fogg pushed the boundaries of exploration, science and code-breaking - producing feats of unrivalled cerebral dexterity. Hailing from a landed family, Fogg was a confidant to world leaders, a soldier, swordsman, prolific author, inventor, collector, and quite probably the most extraordinary man ever to have lived.But, while such genius won him accolades and fame, it also fanned the flames of envy. Unable to take Fogg's triumphs any longer, the British establishment sought to have him discredited. His life work was publically destroyed in what was to become known as the 'Great Foggian Purge'. Banished from England, he lived out his days in secrecy - before disappearing on an expedition to Manchuria in the winter of 1939.Almost eight decades passed.Then, one morning William Fogg receives a letter from a legal firm...

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