Haitian Trilogy


| 2002

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Plays by the Nobel-laureate, brought together for the first timeIn the history plays that comprise "The Haitian Trilogy"--"Henri Christophe, Drums and Colours" and "The Haytian Earth"--Derek Walcott, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature, uses verse to tell the story of his native West Indies as a four-hundred-year cycle of war, conquest and rebellion.In "Henri Christophe" and "The Haytian Earth, " Walcott re-casts the legacy of Haiti's violent revolutionaries--led by Toussaint L'Ouverture, Jean Jacques Dessalines and Henri Christophe--whose rebellion established the first black state in the Americas, but whose cruelty becomes a parable of racial pride and corruption. "Drums and Colours, " commissioned in 1958 to celebrate the first parliament in Trinidad, is a grand pageant linking the lives of complex, ambiguous heroes: Columbus and Raleigh; Toussaint; and George William Gordon, a...

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