Shah, Tahir

| 2020

Flag from en


When his stage show goes spectacularly wrong, celebrated magician Harry Singh, a.k.a. The Great Maharaja Malipasse, becomes a laughing-stock and outcast. Having resorted to two-bit performances in the pouring rain on Blackpool Pier, the down-on-his-luck conjurer is talked into travelling to India by his best friend and assistant, Bitu, in an effort to restore their luck. After twists and turns, the pair find themselves at the Kumbh Mela. Billed as the greatest religious event in human history, it's teaming with pilgrims and mountebanks, gurus, and godmen. Through a simple misunderstanding, Harry finds himself being attended to by a clutch of earnest devotees. The more he begs them to leave him alone, the more they believe he's a genuine healer, rather than what he is - a washed-up stage magician. Before Harry and Bitu know it, they're running an immensely successful ashram in the...

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