Garden of beasts

Deaver, Jeffery

| 2004

Flag from en


Paul Schumann is a German-American living in Brooklyn in 1938 and a hitman for the mob. When he is arrested he is taken to an unnamed Colonel in intelligence and given a choice. Either go to jail for life or help his country. The US has discovered that Germany is secretly rearming and that the architect of this rearmament is a man named Reinhardt Ernst, a senior Nazi official and one of Hitler's right hand men. The Colonel wants Schumann to pose as a member of the Olympic team, travel to Berlin and assassinate him. Schumann agrees, goes to Germany and takes a room on the Tiergarten where he works with Morgan, an American expatriate to plan the assassination. There he meets Marlene, an idealistic former journalist and Webber, a black marketeer and fellow gangster, both finding themselves being persecuted by the Nazis. Meanwhile, Willi Kohl, a Berlin criminal investigator is trying to solve...

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