Frog and the Stranger (Chinese-English)

Velthujis, Max

| 2000


Frog's friends are unhappy when Rat, a stranger, sets up camp at the edge of the woods. But Frog doesn't mind that Rat is different and the two become friends. Soon, Frog's friends learn to appreciate that different does not mean bad and that their ideas about rats were all wrong.... This outstanding title featuring the popular character Frog addresses the subject of prejudice with sensitivity and subtlety, in dual language.Albanian Bilingual: 1-84059-186-2 Bengali Bilingual: 1-84059-187-0 Chinese Bilingual: 1-84059-184-6 Somali Bilingual: 1-84059-188-9 Turkish Bilingual: 1-84059-189-7 Urdu Bilingual: 1-84059-190-0 Vietnamese Bilingual: 1-84059-191-9

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