Fraction of the Whole

Toltz, Steve

| 2008

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Meet the Deans "The fact is, the whole of Australia despises my father more than any other man, just as they adore my uncle more than any other man. I might as well set the story straight about both of them . . ." Heroes or Criminals? Crackpots or Visionaries? Families or Enemies? ". . . Anyway, you know how it is. Every family has a story like this one." Most of his life, Jasper Dean couldn't decide whether to pity, hate, love, or murder his certifiably paranoid father, Martin, a man who overanalyzed anything and everything and imparted his self-garnered wisdom to his only son. But now that Martin is dead, Jasper can fully reflect on the crackpot who raised him in intellectual captivity, and what he realizes is that, for all its lunacy, theirs was a grand adventure. As he recollects the events that led to his father's demise, Jasper recounts a boyhood of outrageous...

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Jack Russel



Mnga underhllande inslag, tokiga och bisarra hndelser i denna skruvade historia. Dock r den ngot lng och jag tycker den tappar farten p upploppet.

Olle N



Om du r sugen p en STOR (633 sidor) bok i sommar, kan det hr vara den rtta fr dig. Underhllning p hg niv... En stark fyra!