Five Modern Noh Plays

Mishima, Yukio

| 2013

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Five Modern Noh Plays brilliantly revives a great art form that has long fascinated audiences and readers throughout the world. As long ago as 1916 William Butler Yeats and Ezra Pound were excitedly discovering Noh plays. In 1922 Arthur Waley's fine translations appeared in a collection titled The Noh Plays of Japan. Since then, interest has grown steadily in this unique art form. At the heart of Noh lies the accidental encounter through which the workings of Fate are revealed. Often one of the persons is not what he or she seems to be: perhaps a ghost or a person fallen from high estate. Mishima has been marvelously successful in preserving the weird and haunting mood of classical Noh, but his characters and situations have the directness and hardness of an encounter on a city street. The emotion of these plays is so communicable that one can imagine them staged anywhere...

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