Gardner, Katy

| 2008

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This is a thrilling new mystery from this best-selling author...Ed and Sarah meet and fall in love while doing aid work in Bangladesh. They move south to start a community school and quickly become involved in setting up a campaign to prevent an oil giant from buying up local land at cheap rates. However their efforts prove surprisingly unpopular in the village and an atmosphere of growing local mistrust and unease starts to envelop them. Increasingly under pressure, Ed becomes progressively remote from Sarah and the life they have built together.Then, when Ed disappears during a storm, everybody is convinced he is dead - everybody that is apart from Sarah. Grief-stricken and guilt-ridden, she returns to London to make contact with Ed's sister and try to make sense of what has happened only to be forced to confront some uncomfortable and frightening truths about the man she thought she once...

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