Escape from Five Shadows

Leonard, Elmore

| 2002

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New York Times bestselling author Elmore Leonard's classic western tale of a wrongly convicted man willing to go to desperate measures for a chance at freedom.Wrongly convicted and imprisoned in the brutal labor camp at Five Shadows, Corey Bowen is an innocent man. The camp is run by a sadistic embezzler willing to kill to keep his scheme running. But Bowen is determined to break out or die trying. The trackers have already caught him once, dragged him back through the mesquite and rocks, and beat him near death after his last attempt. This time, he'll have help from a lady with murder on her mind and a debt to pay back. They say that breaking out of Five Shadows is impossible, but Bowen is a different breed--and this time he will go to any extreme to escape."Leonard has penned some of the best western fiction ever."--USA Today

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