Empire of Wolves

Anna Heymes, the wife of a senior government official, suffers from amnesia and from terrifying hallucinations: she doesn't always recognise her husband's face and sometimes not even her own. With the help of a psychiatrist, she learns that she has had a most complex form of facial surgery and now looks nothing like she did before. From this moment, two questions haunt her: Who did that to her and why? In Paris's 10th arrondissement - the Turkish district - two police officers are trying to solve the mystery of the torture and subsequent killing of three clandestine Turkish women workers. One of the policemen is a newly graduated inspector, the other a regular of the disrtict, supposed to be retired. As the investigation develops they discover that the "Grey Wolves", a ruthless group of far-right Turkish mafia, might be responsible for these particularly atrocious murders. As Anna is...

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