Doyle Brunson: No Limit

Brunson, Doyle

| 2006

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The story of Doyle Brunson, the greatest poker player of all time, is one for the ages, a story of guts and glory, of good luck and bad, of triumph and unspeakable tragedy, of courage and grace under fire. It is a story of beating the odds, of a man who bet one million dollars on a hole of golf?that when he could barely stand!?who is known as the biggest sports bettor in the world, and who has bet enormous sums of money on just about anything. He?s been hard-up flat broke more times than can be counted and he has sat on top of millions. A master of the bluff, here is a man whose most outrageous bluff came with a gunman pointing a pistol at his forehead. Brunson has seen it all: Athletic dreams and a leg shattered by a freak injury which waylaid his path to the NBA (he was drafted by the Lakers) and opened the doors for the most remarkable gambling career ever, of dodging bullets, bandits,...

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