One of the greatest examples of war journalism ever written, Michael Herr's collection of dispatches from the front lines of the Vietnam War reveal with shattering impact how that war differed from any combat theatre fought before. Herr's clearheaded yet unsparing retellings of the day-to-day events in Vietnam take on the force of poetry, capturing the unique flavor of the time and place and finding clarity in one of the most incomprehensible events in our modern era. A National Book Critics Circle finalist and highly acclaimed upon its publication, this modern classic retains its powerful resonance as America finds itself in the midst of another military quagmire.

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Augustin Erba



Alla filmer du någonsin sett om Vietnamkriget är sämre än Dispatches. Alla filmer du någonsin sett om Vitenamkriget bygger på Dispatches. Reportern som far runt i Vietnam och berättar en historia som numera är utnött till kliché på film, men här, i original, behåller sin drabbande effekt.