Dial H Vol. 1: Into You (the New 52)

Miéville, China

| 2013

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Hugo Award-winning novelist China Mieville breathes new life into a classicDC Comics series as part of the second wave of DC Comics - The New 52. Inthe small run-down town of Littleville, CO, a troubled young man stumbles uponthe lost H-Dial and all of the secrets and power it possesses. It has been manyyears since the H-Dial has been seen, though legions of villains have beenscouring the globe looking for it and its ability to transform users into avariety of superheros and take on their powers and psyches. Will our hero beable to harness the power of the H-Dial and protect it from falling into thehands of evil? Will this newfound power plunge our hero to madness? And will weever discover where the H-Dial came from and its true meaning?

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Vältecknat men lite svårt att hänga med alla skruvade super-hjältar, tex skorstens-pojken.
Jmfr Daniel Ahlgrens "SH 3"...