Der Struwwelpeter

Hoffmann, Heinrich

| 2021

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FULL COLOR, HIGH QUALITY, ENGLISH TRANSLATION. By Heinrich Hoffmann. First published in 1845, Der Struwwelpeter is without question one of the most popular children's books ever written. Each of its ten illustrated rhymes contain clear moral lessons-and shows, in an exaggerated way, the consequences of bad behavior. Read about the boy who would not brush his hair or cut his nails-Shockhead Peter. Read about the boy who would not stop sucking his thumbs. Read about the boy who would not eat. Read about the boy who would not look where he was going. . . And many more A great classic which children of all ages will enjoy time and time again. This edition contains all original 25 color images, and the special bonus image created for the books 100th edition in 1876

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Petra Hansson



Den får ett bra betyg av mig pga att den roar mig och fascinerar mig. Men som barnbok är den helt galen.